In the wake of R. Kelly‘s unexpected interview with Gayle King, several of the key players in the scandal/investigation what have you, have been left in astonished, none more so than Joycelyn Savage’s parents, who just last week, were forced to cancel a welfare check on their daughter’s safety, because it ran the risk of interfering with a “human trafficking” investigation being tabled by Homeland Security.

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R Kelly looks animated and possibly being held back during Gayle King interview (from Gayle King’s Instagram)

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According to The Blast, Joycelyn’s parents were shocked when they first discovered a clip from the CBS This Morning segment, who by invoking their attorney Gerald Griggs on the matter, are seeking the appropriate channels to voice their displeasure. “If you’re going to have Mr. Kelly on the show, why not put Joycelyn Savage on the show,” attorney Gerald Griggs asked rhetorically, in a conversation with The Blast this morning.

Griggs says his clients believe Gayle King intended to give R. Kelly a victim’s platform, by inviting him to her show. Those who have already seen the footage have noted the sequence where R. Kelly rises to his feet, kicking and screaming.

During the course of the interview, R. Kelly does field a series of questions regarding Joycelyn, and Azriel Clary, the other woman authorities believe is currently engaged in a consensual relationship with the embattled singer.