The “Nicki WRLD Tour” is still making its way through Europe but that doesn’t mean that Nicki Minaj couldn’t squeeze in a stop to TIDAL’s Norway office. Minaj shared video clips of her visit on her Instagram page including one where she says, “I can’t wait for us to be a lot broader and expand and I know that we’ll do that. Just be positive and all that stuff.” However, in the middle of Minaj’s motivational speech, the rapper sees a baby in the crowd and asks the woman holding him, “You brought your baby to work?” Everyone laughs as the woman just responds, “Yes.”

Minaj approaches the baby and attempts to get the little one’s attention, telling the woman, “I’m obsessed with babies. Obsessed.” You can see by the look on Minaj’s face that she wants to hold the boy so badly, and within seconds she asks, “Can I hold him?” Everyone chuckles as the rapper gushes over the baby saying, “And he’s not even crying” before she points him in the direction of onlookers, directing him to “say hi to the cameras.”

She captioned the cute clip by writing, “Stopped by the @tidal headquarters in Norway yesterday & it was worth every second. I wanted to hold the baby so bad but I was afraid to ask 😩😂 little cutie omg 😍😍😍😊 #CanThisPassForMyChild🤣🤦🏽‍♀️ when you’re contemplating taking the baby & risking it all 🤔😭.” Minaj’s cuddle with the infant just fueled rumors that the rapper is ready to welcome a baby of her own.