Lil Pump just released his long-awaited Harverd Dropout album after having pushed it back a few times. His reach has diminished since “Gucci Gang” first took off but Pump still brought in some decent sales numbers, obviously keeping a large portion of his target audience. Beginning his new comical Pump University series, the Florida rapper appears to be well aware that he is viewed as a joke to many hip-hop fans. Not everybody is going to love his music and he knows that so he’s starting to embrace that fact. The star hasn’t been too thoughtful in his decision-making process in regards to his tattoos. While they may be permanently inked on his skin, Pump is fine getting a smiley face marked between his eyebrows and the Gucci logo on his neck. His newest addition is just as head-turning.

Perhaps Pump was a huge fan of the Powerpuff Girls series because he’s now walking around with the trio on his neck for the rest of his life. On the right side of his neck, Jetski showed off his new tattoo of the three animated girls, blocking out his face with a filter. Some of his fans are confused as to why he would decide to get that tatted on his body while others are laughing with him in the comments.

What do you think about Pump’s new Powerpuff Girls tattoo? Is this one that he’ll regret?

Jared Siskin/Getty Images