Tity Boi 2 Chainz is riding high after dropping Rap or Go to the League last week, and now the rapper took some time out of his schedule to chat with GQ magazine about his essentials. He’s always on the road, rarely in one place for long, so as a man who lives out of suitcases, 2 Chainz shared his top must-haves as he’s touring and traveling.

Right off the bat, 2 Chainz said that he needs his RAW rolling papers. “This is one of the first things I do when I get up. It is organic, whatever that means. It’s just like a word that makes us buy stuff, right? It’s made in Spain, the birthplace of rolling papers.” He also needs his Apple AirPods, or as he calls them, his lifesavers. “I love them for the same reason you love them—you know you love something, because as soon as you think you lost them, the whole world has to stop until you find them again.”

2 Chainz wants to keep his lip game just right because as he says, he can’t have his lips crusty, especially because he’s a smoker, so he always has Vaseline lip balm with him. There are other daily essentials including Orbitz gum, Fiji Water, but his love for the fragrance Bond No. 9 Sutton Place Eau de Parfum is unmatched. “That’s my favorite fragrance of all time,” he said. “I’ve talked about it, I’ve rapped about it, I’ve posted it. All the people have learned from me.”

Check out what else 2 Chainz keeps in his arsenal by watching his interview with GQ below: