Despite solidifying himself as one of the game’s genuine GOAT contenders, Lil Wayne‘s name has been disrespected once again by a repeat offender: Kodak Black. During a recent concert, the Dying To Live rapper found himself calling out Lil Wayne with some harsh words. The motivation for the diatribe remains unknown, with the situation made especially bizarre given their prior collaboration. “You should have died as a baby,” laughs Kodak, kicking off a rant. “Where Lil Wayne at? You fuc*ing maggot, you should have died when you was a baby.”

It didn’t take long for the clip to circulate, and Lil Wayne’s daughter Reignae Carter to take notice. While she didn’t drop Kodak’s name, it’s clear that the message is dedicated to the young Floridian, and anyone who dare slander her father’s good name. “You newlil rappers need to start giving props and respect to the Goat,” she writes, via Instagram. “My father don’t bother nobody . He won’t even react to what was said . This man be in his own world so leave him tf alone.”

She proceeds to call out Kodak, sarcastically mocking his bravery. “You pick the night he didn’t go to LIV to saythat . You bold,” she writes. “Don’t tell me to stay out of it because that’s my father and you mfs don’t give him his credit and it’s a shame . This n***a whole album sound like my daddy old shit . Gtfoh.” Clearly, Reginae is not about to let her father’s name go disrespected – not without a clapback locked and loaded.