Offset has been arrested approximately thirteen different times in his life so he’s not a stranger to the law. There is an unwritten rule in the streets that you never throw your partners under the bus. Snitching is frowned upon and anybody that happens to rat somebody out for their own freedom gets clowned sufficiently online. Not only that but they’re also putting their own safety and their family’s lives in danger. During a recent conversation with Big Boy on his radio show, Offset spoke about Tekashi 6ix9ine and the situation he finds himself in. He shared a piece of advice that his OG gave him once, offering it to 6ix9ine although it may be a little late.

Bennett Raglin/Getty Images

“My OG used to tell me, you get in that water, you better know how to swim,” says Offset. “You a grown man at the end of the day. You a grown man. Grown men make grown men decisions.” He goes on to note that Tekashi should be careful if he ever finds his way out of jail. “You choose the streets and you go left on the streets, your safety is a problem now because you chose the streets. Just know what you doing.”

The Migos rapper touches on this issue on his Father Of 4 album, discussing his past run-ins with the law and detailing the time he spent in prison.