As soon as “All the Way Up” hit the streets, it was a guaranteed smash. Not only were fans excited about the collaboration of Fat JoeFrench Montana, and Infared, but they were hyped to hear Remy Ma burn up a track after being locked up in prison for six years. Two years after the single dropped it’s still a hit, but now the rappers are looking at legal troubles over their club banger.

A rapper named Fly Havana, real name Eric A. Elliott, claims that he deserves to get cut a check because he helped write the song. According to documents obtained by TMZ, Elliot states that he’s a struggling Miami artist who aided in penning the chart-topper with Infared. Elliott says that it took them just a five hours to write the hit, but he’s been snubbed when it has come to sharing the glory.  The suit says the “unfinished version” of the track is “identical to the released version,” according to The Blast.

Additionally, Elliott also says that he’s attempted to rectify the situation with Fat Joe. The two met at an IHOP in March 2016, the same month that “All the Way Up” was released, and Elliott states that Joe gave him a $5,000 check with the promise that Elliott would get more money as the single gained attention. The lawsuit shows that Elliott claims he tried confronting French Montana back in 2017 but Montana wouldn’t acknowledge him. Elliot is suing for co-writing credit and other damages. “All the Way Up” sold 2 million copies in the U.S. and peaked at #27 on the Billboard Hot 100 list.