Dame Dash is denying claims that he owes either of his exes back child support, even though earlier today he turned himself in to authorities. A family court judge reportedly issued a warrant for Dash’s arrest citing that the former Roc-A-Fella Records exec owed almost $400,000 in child support to both Rachel Roy, the mother of his two daughters Tallulah and Ava, and Cindy Morales, the mother of his son Lucky. The sum is said to be the total of three years of unmade payments, but Dash chopped it up with TMZ to say he’s not guilty of the deadbeat dad accusations.

“For some reason when I was in L.A. I got all these warrants saying I didn’t pay child support,” he told TMZ in a video. “But the way I have things set up is that when the money would go into the Rachel Roy company, Rachel would cut the checks. We all moved to L.A. and all of a sudden I got warrants so I wasn’t there to answer. I didn’t realize no one had been paying the child support. When I finally realized what happened I was like ‘Yo, I don’t have nothing to do with that.’ She cuts her own checks, and I had just given my son’s mother $150,000 to buy a house. So how am I having warrants? I just gave one $150,000 and I just gave the other $50,000 and she’s in control of her own checks.”

Dash went on to say that in his attempts to take care of his court troubles he’s missed funerals and hasn’t been able to see his son. He also claims that he has proof to show the judge that he’s paid money to the mothers of his children. Additionally, Dash spoke on the rumors that he recently bought majority interest in Roy’s company, saying that she won’t sign any paperwork until he agrees to give her 51 percent ownership. Hopefully, this doesn’t get messy…or more messy.