A few days removed from the release of his Rap Or Go To The League album, 2 Chainz took a minute to hit up TIDAL‘s CRWN series for a conversation with Elliot Wilson. The interview itself finds both parties engaging in a candid conversation, touching on a variety of subjects, including the album’s significance, specific track inspirations, Atlanta’s legacy, and his own epiphany to stop hustling.”It just takes one incident for your life to change,” reflects 2 Chainz. “You don’t necessarily have to go to school, graduate, get a masters for your life to change. Your life can change in the instance. If you’re in the graveyard you can’t do much about it. If you’re incarcerated, that might be a problem. Hang in there.”

Wilson proceeds to shift the conversation to 2 Chainz’ “Statute Of Limitations” joint, which finds Tity Boi reflecting on hustling with other famous rappers. “Why be so direct?” asks Wilson. 2 Chainz smirks. “I don’t know what’s the problem right now,” he says. “It’s never been done in rap before. The whole thing from beginning to end has never been done before. I’m not imitating what’s going on in the streets. I remember when I went cold turkey. Ask my friends, I said one day I don’t do that no more. They thought I was playin’…I remember when the Holy Ghost or whatever, it hit me, and said you belong on stage.”

Marcus Ingram/Getty Images

“I always been a respectable hustler,” says 2 Chainz. “Even when I was doing the devilish things. It’s hard to put both of those in the same sentence, but I’ve always been like that.” When Wilson asks if anyone ended up responding to “Statute” namedrops, 2 Chainz confirms he got a call from Lil Jon. “He told me the album was fire.”

The conversation shifts to Atlanta’s place in hip-hop, which 2 Chainz claims has been integral for over fifteen years. “You got Tip and Luda,” says 2 Chainz, reflecting on Atlanta’s reign of dominance. “Before that you had OutKast and Goodie Mob.” On that note, 2 Chainz looks back to Andre 3000‘s iconic “The South Has Something To Say.”

“What Andre did was immeasurable,” says Tity, acknowledging that doors were opened from Atlanta all the way down to Miami. Be sure to catch the entire CRWN segment below, exclusively on TIDAL. The conversation itself is dynamic and engaging, with 2 Chainz providing no shortage of gems for the masses. Have you listened to Rap Or Go To The League yet? What do you think about the project?