While its rumored Travis Scott may have canceled a pre-planned booking, just to patch things up with his baby mother. With his  Astroworld tour up and running again, Travis made his next overture, a public affair.

In front of a packed Madison Square Garden crowd, Astroboy tried climbing out of the doghouse by compliment his baby mother in a variety of ways. It’s no secret, Kylie Jenner accused him of committing an affair, whilst the rest of her clan was ailing from the Jordyn Woods-Tristan Thompson situation, a messy debacle a resolute Travis Scott wants no part of.

Although he’s rejected the notion he cheated on several occasions, his overt actions tell a different: Travis Scott can be heard reminding the crowd to “keep their family first,” in the above concert footage. In an odd sequence of executed movements, Travis Scott closed his New York concert with a rendition of “Sicko Mode” bleeding into a solemn tribute to the “love of his life.”

As you likely know (if you so care), Kylie Jenner has shown no inclination towards leaving her baby father for the single life. Kylie told her bud, who henceforth communicated her agenda with the tabloids, who thus reported on their repatriation efforts. Sound confusing, I think yes. A nuanced view on cheating does exist within our contemporary culture, but skimming through your partner’s phone, that’s a little harder to defend.