Don’t quote me on this, but Diddy is the type of loyal that gets a club shot up. So, when the Bad Boy mogul issues a seemingly earnest emotional plea, you’d be wise to take him at his word. On the surface, it’s easy to see why Diddy finds himself in such a vulnerable emotional state.

About an hour ago, he uploaded a TBT-like positing depicting he and Kim Porter couched together in a loving embrace, the adjoining caption reading “SMH” so as to convey a complex reaction to his unending grief. As you know, his longtime partner Porter, passed away in November of last year, not too long after he’d split with another longtime girlfriend, R&B singer Cassie.

The TBT post Diddy just shared has engendered a lovely wave of support from the Instagram followers who bore witness to it, some even showing the empathic qualities of a bedside nurse. One Instagrammer in particular, a user going by “shantelle_29” commented on the healing of power of love, a heady choice considering Diddy is rumored to have changed his name to “Brother Love” in one of many instances where he grew easily tired of a “figure of speech.”

“Love and prayers sent to you diddy !!! Take it one day at a time. Make sure during all your spread love talks, you don’t forget to love yourself and heal,” wrote the Instagram user, in remembrance of Kim.

Just the other day, Diddy tested his emotional resolve when he awarded A$AP Ferg a ceremonial Bad Boy chain in honor of his father D-Ferg who helped in getting the illustrious record label off the ground, in the early going. If you’ve ever been moved by something Diddy has said or posted online, this would the moment to pay it forward. RIP Kim Porter (1971-2018).