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Last night, Cardi B powered through a debilitating illness to shatter an attendance record held by Garth Brooks.

Cardi B made history last night by shattering an attendance record set by Garth Brooks, reports the Houston Chroniclecovering the landmark performance at the NGR Stadium. Friday night (March 1st) marked Cardi B’s debut at the NRG Stadium, a venue that bears a reputation like no other in the Deep South, for its ability to make even the most seasoned of performers quiver in the spotlight.

To put it mildly, tickets for the Black Heritage Night concert aka RodeoHouston, sold out in little over 40 minutes, all 75,580 of them, confirming their attendance the night of the show. As you’ll see in the above photo, Cardi B served the Houston crowd a sparkle-ridden Cowgirl outfit, as she delivered a medley of fan-favorites such as  “Be Careful,” “Money Bag,” “Drip,” “Bickenhead,” “She Bad,” “Ring,” culminating in the live performance debut of her “Please Me” duet with Bruno Mars, albeit without the diminutive singer present.

As evidenced by the above photo showcasing her sparkle-knit costume, Cardi B even took a moment to “meet and greet” some of Houston’s finest backstage, which included Bun Bintroducing the starlet to her nieces, many thanks to QC’s Coach K who brokered the arrangement behind closed doors. 

Finally, what makes Cardi B’s exploits all the more impressive, is that she completed the whole ordeal under duress. As she would later confess via Instagram, her illness was so prevalent that her management team made arrangements for a doctor to sit backstages, for emergency purposes. “I’m OD honored for all the love Houston gave me! I remember the first time I came to Houston I came out here to strip and people showed me maaaaaa love,” she wrote in her Thank You note H-Town.

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