Kevin Durant and Travis Scott both represent the pinnacle of their craft, in their respective fields. As 2 Chainz would have it, rappers and ballers go together like Nutella and frozen mangos. That’s why Travis and KD were drawn together for the latest edition of Apple TV’s Carpool Karaoke hosted by the ever-endearing James Corden.

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Kevin Durant


Took on @CarpoolKaraoke with @trvisXX – check it out on @AppleTV: 

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With James Corden noticeably absent from the driver seat of the passenger vehicle, Durant and Travis Scott fired off renditions of “Goosebumps” and “Sicko Mode” from the rapper’s personal repertoire, as well as their take on Rick James’ modern classic “Super Freak.” The two invited guests even spared a moment to earnestly offer each other a bouquet of compliments.

“I look at y’all as artists, and I look at us as artists, too. We’re just doing it a little differently,” Durant said to Travis Scott, in between Karaoke takes. “It’s crazy that people use their day to come watch us hoop. You start appreciating that, you know? We get to give that to other people, and that’s just a gift in itself — and I know you feel that way about your music.”

The above video is but a one minute excerpt of 16-minute segment. You can view the full-version if you happen to be an Apple TV subscriber (right here) until the prolonged waiting period washes over. Give’er a look, in the event YOU do hold the requisite subscription powers, enjoy!