We know SZA for her angelic voice, bringing TDE a hit record with CTRL and making strong contributions to the Black Panther soundtrack. The Grammy and Oscar-nominated singer hasn’t released any new music in a long time, teasing Afor an eventual arrival. SZA has said that she may not be sticking around the music industry for much longer after her next project releases though, telling people that she would be comfortable retiring at this point. Hopefully, that’s not the case. She was checking out her new house, filming the process on her Instagram story, and while she backed up against the wall, her friend managed to catch her fall down a flight of stairs.

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

It’s pretty hilarious to watch the songstress take a tumble down the stairs. I think we could all see this coming too. She tried to balance herself against the wall while crouching down. When she removed her arm, she gracefully began her leap of faith to the end of the staircase. Her friend Sage managed to capture the entire thing on video, which she admitted to being proud of while photographing the aftermath. Thankfully, SZA is alright after the fall, telling her crew that she was fine and keeping a huge smile on her face.

Clearly, the singer isn’t quite familiar with her new surroundings yet. Chances are the next time she’s squatting against that wall, she’ll remember the staircase is right there.