R. Kelly is well aware of the lingering presence of Federal agents at his window sill. Unfortunately for him, yet another law enforcement agency has entered the fray: the Department of Homeland Security.

Agents specializing in the “Human Trafficking” cases (often spilling outside the Country) have been mobilized in an effort to pry information from R. Kelly’s former stylist. As it turns out, Kash Howard, whose celebrity client list reaches beyond R. Kelly and his entourage, is believed to have maintained ties with several of the singer’s ex-girlfriend, making her a person of interest, to the Homeland Security agents looking into the case.

Kash Howard received the pre-emptive call for Homeland Security agents after posting a YouTube video where she speaks with Halle Calhoun and Vonecia Andrews, two of R. Kelly’s publicly disclosed ex-girlfriends – both of whom are sitting in the backseat of Kash’s vehicle as the camera is rolling.

TMZ reached out to Kash Howard for comments, and surprisingly enough she provided them with an answer, likely because she could sense her name might get “unwittingly” dragged into the R. Kelly scandal, if she didn’t provide quotable in the interim. Howard did mention that her “professional relationship (with R. Kelly) along with all communication ceased in March of 2017.” The celebrity stylist claims that she was merely in the video to lend her support to friends in need.