Unlike other genres, Hip Hop has the distinction of being a culture that has permeated and shaped society over the past 45 years.

Shows like Netflix’s Hip Hop Evolution have been successful at helping newer fans (of all ages) better understand the deep roots and stories behind the music they love. But one question remains: how can that historical information translate into something parents can teach their children?

Silver Dolphin Books is aiming to help fill that gap for Hip Hop-loving parents with the first in a new series of books aimed at introducing little ones to music history. The Story Of Rap, illustrated by Lindsey Sagar, is a simplified way to introduce kids to some of the biggest moments and artists across the timeline of Hip Hop.

Starting from Kool Herc’s 1973 back-to-school jam and touching on everything from Grandmaster Flash and N.W.A to the “war on rap” and East Coast vs. West Coast beef, the adorable rhyming book is filled with approachable illustrations and a closing message that is unmistakably endearing.

“Rap is for the people, just like from the start, it’s more than music, it’s a work of heart,” it reads on the final page, which includes animated likenesses of artists such as Kendrick Lamar, Kanye West and Cardi B.

The Story Of Rap will be released in May. It is available for pre-order here.