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More Hottest Tracks – March 2019

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2 Chainz & Kendrick Lamar Have A Hit With “Momma I Hit A Lick”


The two reunite on a track that’s a standout.

To help push his recent release Rap or Go to the League which dropped today, 2 Chainz performed on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon with Marsha Ambrosius by his side. The singer was one of many features that 2 Chainz had on his latest record, but a notable track on the album is his collaboration with fellow rapper Kendrick Lamar. These two artists worked together in the past on A$AP Rocky’s “F**kin’ Problems,” and this time around they have a hot single that steps outside of the typical hip hop box.On “Momma I Hit A Lick,” the rappers switch up their flows and inflections to create a captivating song. Parts of the beat will remind you of being in high school, banging on cafeteria tables to create rhythms with your friends as someone attempts to spit a freestyle. Aside from the potential nostalgia, “Momma I Hit a Lick” is a standout on Rap or Go To the League that definitely demands attention.Quotable LyricsI’m comin’, baby, send the address
Progress, never digress (Never)
Your last one done passed the fly test (Test)
I eat rappers, no digest

Freddie Gibbs Became The “Eastside Moonwalker” On This Week’s #TBT


Freddie Gibbs is this week’s #TBT.

2018 was a big year for Freddie Gibbs and thankfully, his momentum isn’t slowing down. He returned with Freddie before linking up with Curren$y and Alchemist to complete their long-awaited collaboration album, Fetti. Earlier this month, the rapper returned with his single, “Flat Tummy Tea” which serves as the first single from the long-awaited sequel to 2014’s Pinata. With Bandana on the way, we brought back a classic Freddie Gibbs track for this week’s #TBT.ESGN was the beginning of Freddie Gibbs’ triumphant run following his departure from Young Jeezy‘s CTE. His studio debut album included the track, “Eastside Moonwalker” which served as a single off the project. The rapper flexes his lyrical acrobatics over the hard-hitting production of GMF. ESGN showcased many of Freddie Gibbs affiliates, but “Eastside Moonwalker” was a menacing track that showcased Gibbs’ powerful force as a solo artists.Quotable Lyrics
Rest in peace to my motherfuckin’ homeboy
But hold your tears, he ain’t nothin’ but a fuckboy
He might as well be a dead man in my eyes
.223 sucka free when I ride

Rich The Kid Drops Heavily-Teased Single “4 Phones”


Rich The Kid’s new single has arrived.

For a few weeks, Rich The Kid has been teasing his new single “4 Phones,” asking fans when would be the perfect time to officially let it loose. The Atlanta-based artist has a unique way of going about his business, often teasing fans with plenty of previews and snippets while keeping his announcements to a minimum. The Rich Forever boss is gearing up to release the sequel to The World Is Yours and the rollout is continuing with the official drop of “4 Phones.”

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Should I drop 4 Phones tomorrow ? 🔥👀📲

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While it’s only available in international markets right now, the song is expected to release worldwide at midnight. He may not be the first person that comes to mind when you think of dominant forces from Atlanta but Rich has proven to be extremely influential. His flows have been duplicated by many and his success with tracks like “New Freezer” and “Plug Walk” is unmatched. We’ve previously heard “Splashin,” which is expected to be on the album, and now “4 Phones” has been released.

RTK employs his usual swag, bragging about his money and cars while speaking down on any frauds out there. Are you a fan of the direction Rich is taking?

Quotable Lyrics:

N***as fraud, really counterfeit
Flip her over then she do a split
They was lying but I’m really rich
She be lying you can’t trust the bitch
Want the money yeah the check that’s it
Rubber bands all around my wrist
Broke n***as they ain’t talkin’ ’bout shit
I was broke, had to hit that lick

Travis Scott Assists 2 Chainz On New Song “Whip”


2 Chainz and Travis Scott link up again for a new song.

2 Chainz and Travis Scott have a pretty great history when it comes to their history of collaborations. We’ve gotten a few standouts from the duo in the past so it wasn’t a surprise when La Flame was announced to be featured on Rap Or Go To The League. The tracklist was only made official yesterday but after that point, it became clear that Tity Boi was in possession of another hit. Guest spots from Kendrick LamarAriana Grande and Travis Scott all jump out and we’re highlighting the latest Atlanta-Houston connection with “Whip.”

When you see Cactus Jack and 2 Chainz on the same song, you’re already expecting to be leaving having heard a major banger. “Whip” won’t leave you upset. The two come through with their signature styles; Trav flows over the hook with smooth, auto-tuned melodies and Tity impresses with memorable lines and generally skilled lyricism.

“Whip” appears in the middle of the tracklist, offering the listener an experience filled with hype and energy. After a year of teasing the new album, Rap Or Go To The League is finally out and it’s what you would expect from a 2 Chainz album. A&R’ed by LeBron James, this project is full of star power. What do you think?

Quotable Lyrics:

I had the Maybach for five years
I still never sat in the front, yeah
I bought her designer, lil’ mama, I’m proud of her
She got a body, pick her out a lineup
She ever leave me, I’m comin’ to find her
Whip in the kitchen like chef at Katanas

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