The TNT network has a new show titled Drop the Mic, which features celebrities going toe-to-toe in a freestyle battle. Hosted by legendary rapper Method Manand top model Hailey Beiber, the show allows famous friends and foes to spit their hottest verses in multiple rounds. Lala Anthony and Mel B. recently made an appearance on Drop the Mic to battle it out over who had the better rhymes.

“It’s important that I say one thing off the bat, Mel B. is an icon I’ll admit that,” Anthony started. “The Spice Girls were huge, had hits that were consistent, but you were nothing more than Victoria’s assistant.” She goes on to say, “What’s up with that look Mel? Are you even tryin’? I thought you were Scary Spice, not Terrifyin’.”

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This is what I want, what I really, really want! 😍 The full battle of @officialmelb and @lala is everything!

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Lala’s diss was met with oohs and ahhs from the audience, naturally, before Mel B. took her turn to take a jab at the basketball wife. “Lala used to be a VJ so correct me if I’m wrong, but all she ever did was introduce my hit song. She was so god awful if you remember, because of her MTV stopped playing videos forever.” Mel B. even took some pot shots at Lala’s husband Carmelo, saying that he can’t seem to get an NBA Championship ring.

These types of shows are created to bring the laughs, but things got a tad, well, awkward as the freestyle battle rounds go on. What started off as fun and games takes a little bit of a turn as the punchlines get more personal, but we’re sure that these two hugged it out backstage. Hopefully. In the end, one was crowned the winner, and while Method Man praised Mel B. for her effort, he awarded Lala as the champ.