The Drake and Meek Mill bromance continues to blossom. Though they previously found themselves trading diss tracks (with the court of public opinion weighing in with a unanimous verdict), both men have appeared more than willing to let bygones be bygones. During a recent Hollywood show, Meek brought out Drizzy for a spirited rendition of “Going Bad,” the track that cemented their reforged alliance. After finishing up, Drake flipped Soulja Boy‘s narrative on its head, claiming that it was Meek who truly had “the best comeback of all time.”

“That’s my motherfuc*in brother right there,” says Drizzy. “Sometimes, and I see a lot of people that don’t understand this. In life this is what it’s about. Sometimes you gotta come together and get it together, that’s what it’s about. I want you to remember that in your own personal situations. This is the goal, this is the objective. Now I’m back on stage with my brother, we getting money together. Can I get one more?”

Given the mutually beneficial nature of their partnership, it wouldn’t be surprising to see more Drake and Meek collaborations, both inside and outside the booth. The idea of getting money together remains a strong foundation, and friends-turned-rivals-turned-friends is a lucrative narrative to be sure. Respect to Meek and Drizzy for burying the hatchet with class.