Cardi B has built a reputation for being one of the most carefree celebrities of the last few years. While she values her private life, she lets enough of it into the open for fans to get close, attaching a safety net when the truly serious things come around. Kulture has been kept from the world until now, being unveiled on Offset‘s Father Of 4 album cover. However, when it comes to things like announcing her divorce, she prefers to use Instagram videos as her medium. Bardi is unfiltered. In true New York fashion, she does not care what comes out of her mouth, constantly coming up with new catchphrases or repurposing existing jingles like she did today.

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

While she was teasing the upcoming video for “Please Me” with Bruno Mars, Cardi B got laced up in her finest lingerie, laying down on the sofa to deliver an announcement to her millions of followers. “What’s good motherfuckers,” exclaimed the rapper. She went on to remind the masses that this morning, her latest music video will be available to watch worldwide. She closed out by reimagining the Popeyes jingle with her husband in mind. “Love that dick from Offset,” sang Cardi before maniacally cackling.

The new video should be arriving any minute now, slated for a 10 AM release time. Are you looking forward to seeing what type of crazy antics she pulls this time?