2 Chainz simply moves different. Regal in his elegance, the man formerly known as Tity Boi has settled nicely into the upper echelon, reserved for bonafide hip-hop OGs. Not everyone can get the legendary LeBron James as an A&R for their album, a boss move if only for the prestige points. Now, with the project mere hours young, Tity has made some time for a Breakfast Club interview, chopping it up with Charlamagne Tha God and Angela Yee – Envy, as it happens, was in Detroit.Off the bat, Charlamagne lays down a heavy preface. “This is your best album,” he states. “It’s not even close.” 2 Chainz is quick to agree. “No doubt about it,” he says. “I can feel the momentum shift. I can feel how organically how some of the records coming together. I’ve had this feeling, it’s probably my third time having this feeling something big is about to happen. Something’s going to change in my life…We gon’ need some more seats out here. We gon’ need some bigger venues.”

Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Given the LeBron connection, as well as the album’s title, it’s clear that Basketball plays a heavy role in shaping the direction of the project. 2 Chainz breaks it down accordingly, stating how he intended the title to have an oxymoronic quality. “People obviously know I like rap music, people obviously know how I feel about sports, primarily basketball. I called it Rap Or Go To The League but it’s actually an oxymoron. I wanted to show people that they can do more than just have a wicked crossover or be able to hold certain notes…On this album I tried to teach a bit more, tried to have a little more substance, more concepts cause I love concepts. Rap Or Go To The League was almost like ‘clickbait.’”

“Then, when I bring it LeBron, who has a similar campaign with More Than An Athlete. They tried to tell him to shut up and dribble. Bitch who you talking to? I had an idea. This guy already supports hip-hop, he already support the culture. Genuinely, it’s organic. You gon’ see LeBron in the back of the Sprinter, or the Maybach playing whatever drop. Why not add this A&R to this resume?” He also reveals LeBron’s favorite selections as “NCAA,” “2 Dollar Bill,” “Whip,” “Momma I Hit A Lick,” and “Threat.”

For more from 2 Chainz, including collaborating with Ariana Grande, LeBron’s album sequencing habits, and general wisdom, check the whole interview below.