Last night was a serendipitous occasion for Masha Ambrosius and 2 Chainz as they joined together in performing “Forgiven,” the introductory song on the freshly-unveiled Rap or Go to the League. The pre-emptive performance of “Forgiven” took place on  Thursday’s episode of the Tonight Show, hosted by the lovingly awkward Jimmy Fallon, where no expenses were spared, especially with regards to the exorbitant use of stage fog as a cover-up sealant.

Besides the presence of stage fog, 2 Chainz’ production rig also demanded a choir and string ensemble be assembled, to go along with the regular presence of his touring DJ. Fallon called both performers upon the stage with his regular spiel, albeit in this instance, 2 Chainz had presented him a stylish vinyl copy of his album to wave around in a frivolous manner.

To his credit, Jimmy Fallon kept things professional, if not as awkward as usual- 2 Chainz capped things off by displaying mannerisms characteristic of an NBA player blowing off a flagrant foul call. Just as Marsha and Tity Boi were exiting the stage, Rap or Go to the League was literally entering the streaming World, in real time. 2 Chainz’ 5th studio album also boasts contributions from Kendrick LamarTravis ScottYoung ThugLil Wayne, Chance the Rapper, and Ariana Grande, among others.