Last year, Icebox Jewelry store sued Young Thug after claiming the rapper has yet to pay off a $115K debt. However, the rapper fired back at the lawsuit, claiming the jewelry store attempted to fraud him and now, he wants the entire suit thrown out.

Prince Williams/Getty Images 

According to The Blast, Young Thug claims Icebox Jewelry store tried to screw him out of a ton of money after trying to befriend him. The rapper claims that the jewelry store tried to take advantage of him and completely denies the allegations initially made in the suit. The rapper pointed out that despite the fact they sued him, they’re still using his image on social media.

“Over the course of several months, and on multiple occasions, Plaintiff solicited Williams and urged him to accept expensive jewelry without requiring any payment up-front,” it reads in the document. Thug adds that this “predatory business practice involving assurances of a friendly and accommodating transaction with flexible terms to be worked out at a later date, followed by unilaterally set payment terms and deadlines, led to the instant lawsuit.”

Thug wants the entire suit thrown out and claims the jewelry store committed fraud against him.

In the suit, Icebox alleges to have let Thug hold onto $200K that the rapper promised to pay off at a later date. They said he paid $95K but has an unpaid balance of $115,090.

Thug was sued for the remaining balance and $250K in punitive damages.