As if one cheating scandal wasn’t enough, the Kardashian Klan now has two issues on their hands. We all heard extensively about Khloe Kardashian’s split with Tristan Thompson, happening after she found out that he had made out with Kylie Jenner’s best friend, Jordyn Woods. Woods is set to tell her side of the story today on Red Table Talk but, almost as if to take the attention away from Jordyn, a new cheating scandal broke out last night. Kris Jenner really does work wonders, doesn’t she?

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Last night, Kylie Jenner allegedly accused Travis Scott of having an affair, leading him to cancel one of his Astroworld tour dates so he could attempt to work things out with his billionaire girl. We haven’t received any official statements about the new allegations but they came just in time to sway attention from Jordyn’s rising star. Shocker.

Whether or not you believe that Travis really did cheat on Kylie, and whether you care or not, the internet had some things to get off of its chest. You know that Twitter has the most extreme reactions to, well, everything. So when Kylie accused her boyfriend of being a cheater, social media went out of control. People started to create their memes, joking that Tekashi 6ix9ine was responsible for YNW Melly getting locked up, also sharing the Trav news with the feds so that he could get a lighter sentence. Obviously, some people weren’t shocked at all. After all, it seems like cheating basically runs in the family at this point. We’ve still got Kim and Kanye, thankfully!


6ix9ine: I gave you YNW Melly, can I go now?
Judge: Now onto your racketeering charges
6ix9ine: Did you know Travis Scott is cheating on Kylie Jenner?

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Kris Jenner taking the attention from Jordyn and putting it on the Kardashians by releasing the Kylie/Travis cheating scandal like

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john cena lover@__abbyl

Lemme find out Travis really cheated on Kylie Jenner

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The NRI Times@nri_times

Kylie Jenner burning Travis Scott and Jordyn Wood’s allowances in front of them

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Chicks in the Office


Jordyn Woods right now after Kylie accused Travis of cheating

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6ix9ine: Ya’ll realised Travis Scott been acting weird lately…..

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6ix9ine: I gave you Tristan Thompsan can I go now?

Kris Jenner:

6ix9ine: You ever noticed Travis Scott is on tour a lot?