When Solange Knowles issued a bunch of images and gifs related to unknown photo/video shoot, her core fans knew full well a musical project was in the bunsen burner. To be fair, Solange isn’t one to skulk in public or private. When she decides upon a conceptual idea, she normally takes her time with it, sometimes for years at a time. And yet, Solange fans needed conclusive evidence with which to base their predictions on her release date, after she’d previously promised to drop “something of merit” in 2019.

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It seems, it only took a 24-hour period for Solange to incentivize the plot. Just about an hour ago, the Grammy Award-winning artist supplied her Twitter followers with an infographic depicting cluttered tracklist. Once pieced together, it reads as follows.

“Untitled Solange Album”

1. Things I Imagined
2. S McGregor (interlude)
3. Down With the Clique
4. Way to the Show
5. Can I Hold the Mic (interlude)
6. Stay Flo
7. Dreams
8. Nothing Without Intention (interlude)
9. Almeda
10. Time (is)
11. My Skin My Logo
12. We Deal With the Freak’n (intermission)
13. Jerrod
14. Binz
15. Beltway
16. Exit Scott (interlude)
17. Sound of Rain
18. Not Screwed! (interlude)
19. I’m a Witness

Moments before Solange revealed the tracklist for the untitled project, she uploaded a video in which she can be seen sitting on the ground with a bevy of background dancers or models – along with a caption section paying homage to the city of Houston and Mike Jones, a Swishahouse legend synonymous with shouting his “281-330-8004” phone number.