Juice WRLD recently unveiled the album artwork for his upcoming project A Deathrace For Love, which is set to arrive on March 8th. Many older fans were quick to dive down a nostalgia rabbit hole, given the clear homage to classic PS1 game Twisted Metal. While the artwork has been receiving positive feedback for the most part, Pi’erre Bourne has a different perspective on the unveiling. The producer slash rapper took to Instagram (in a since-deleted post) to voice his annoyance with the similarities between Juice’s cover and his own, alluding to a greater conspiracy at play.

Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images 

“Ya’ll gon take my album cover too,” he writes, alongside various vomit-emojis. Sharing his own PS1 themed cover for The Life Of Pi’erre 4, Bourne implies that additional “thefts” have transpired, as evidenced by the “too” in his caption. To make matters even more tinfoil-ey, one particular user over at r/hiphopheads pointed out that both Juice and Pi’erre are signed to Interscope, and thus, may have dealings with the same higher-ups.

Check out Pi’erres original artwork and post here. Of course, it’s entirely possible that both parties simply enjoy the original Playstation, and have repurposed a vintage game design accordingly. After all, they are not the first to flip a video game cover, and they will not be the last. Do you think Pi’erre has a case here?