We’re all waiting to hear the next Kendrick Lamar album. It seems that whenever he drops a new project, it’s almost always classified as an instant classic. The man won a freaking Pulitzer Prize last year! He is one of the most exciting musicians in the business so naturally, we’re all crossing our fingers that we don’t have to wait too long to hear what he’s been working on. If the TDE camp is to be believed, he has more than enough material in his hard drive to piece together another stellar album because according to Tae Beast, Kendrick Lamar has upwards of 97,000 gigs of beats in his folders.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

The topic was brought up during a panel for Red Bull Music Academy. Beast confirmed that Kenny has a collection of beats dating back years, noting that obviously most of it will never make it out. “If you make something, and somebody [in TDE] hear it, it’s a wrap,” said Beast. “Kendrick’s like the beat hoarder, too. He has 97,000 gigs of beats from everybody. [If] it get to Kendrick’s hands, it probably ain’t never gonna leave.”

Complex explains that Kenny isn’t just collecting random instrumentals. Since we know he’s a perfectionist, it makes sense that he would want a full catalog of sounds to use. MixedByAli and Sounwave, fellow panellists at RBMA, explained that he sometimes goes as far back as a decade ago to find things. “[Lamar] could hear some shit right now, and be like, ‘You know, I got something’,” said Ali. “And go back to his emails from like 2010 and pull [up the beat] like, ‘Okay, I found it.’”

Hopefully, we end up getting that Kendrick album in 2019. Do you think it’s on the way?

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