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XXXTentacion Estate Sued For $1 Million By “Look At Me!” Producer

 Bennett Raglin/Getty Images

Jimmy Duval wants to clear things up.

A few years ago, XXXTentacion started to get some buzz, finally blowing up with his breakout single “Look At Me!” We all know how his story ended, tragically passing away at the hands of four alleged robbers while leaving a motorsports store. His family is gushing over the birth of Gekyume Onfroy, XXX’s baby boy, who he unfortunately will never get to meet. Now, the late rapper’s estate will need to momentarily shift their focus to a lawsuit that has just been presented by one of the “Look At Me!” producers.

According to XXL, Jimmy Duval is suing XXXTentacion’s estate for $1 million, asking for unpaid royalties from the song that boosted X’s career. While he is technically asking for $1 million, the amount is negotiable according to the producer. He intended to keep this a private matter but, since he was left off of the credits for the song, he felt a need to come forward. Duval issued a statement, which you can read below.

“It was my intention to keep the pending matter involving the estate of the late XXX Tentacion a private matter. However, in lieu of recent developments and out of respect for someone who was truly a legend in his own right and someone I called my friend, it is imperative that I clear things up. It is important to note that as the producer behind “Look at me”, an inarguable platinum hit, I was removed from all credits, which in turn meant that all rights and royalties owed to me, were immediately averted. It goes without saying that everyone deserves credit for their contributing works. My friend is no longer with us and Im only asking to remain a part of the legacy that we created together with “Look at me”. X changed my life and the lives of many others and we want to continue widening the positive impact that our music creates. I would never under any circumstances disrespect X or his legacy. Im only asking for what is rightful and fair.”

Shortly after the lawsuit was made public, DJ Scheme took to Twitter to call out the producer. “Jimmy Duval is a fucking pussy for this…” wrote X’s DJ.


Jimmy Duval is a fucking pussy for this…

The Blast


EXCLUSIVE: The estate of XXXTentacion has been hit with a $1 million creditor’s claim. 

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People are fucking sick

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Jimmy wanted to do a tribute for X with Adam on his YouTube yet u over here calling jah a close friend and trying to sue his estate….

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Post Malone’s Girlfriend Targeted By Trolls, He Responds

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Post Malone hits back at trolls trying to get him to leave his girlfriend.

If you follow Post Malone on Twitter, you likely saw his message earlier today about how some fans are trying to get him and his girlfriend to split up. When you’re in the public eye, that tends to happen pretty often. Just look at what happened to Cardi B and Offset. Offset ended up commenting “Y’all won” directly after their split, directing the message to those who objected against their relationship. Now, Post Malone has been forced to speak out about his fans’ behavior after finding his girl’s social pages.

Beerbongs & Bentleys


to my REAL fans I love you to death, to the people trying to dig so fucking hard to try and get me to leave my girl, y’all ain’t real fans and it needs to stop. The past is the past and it has nothing to do with anything.have some respect. who gives a fuck? let us live our lives.

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“To my REAL fans I love you to death,” began the Texan. “To the people trying to dig so fucking hard to try and get me to leave my girl, y’all ain’t real fans and it needs to stop. The past is the past and it has nothing to do with anything. Have some respect. who gives a fuck? let us live our lives.” Obviously, if you’re unfamiliar with Posty’s personal life (as many of us are) then the previous statement is confusing. Thanks to XXL, we know that people managed to find old photos that Post’s girlfriend used to post on Instagram and those same shots were reposted after she deactivated her account. The acts that fans have taken are shameful and can be considered bullying, so Malone felt a need to speak up.

It seems like Post and his girl are working through it, though it may be an emotional time for them.

Beerbongs & Bentleys


to my REAL fans I love you to death, to the people trying to dig so fucking hard to try and get me to leave my girl, y’all ain’t real fans and it needs to stop. The past is the past and it has nothing to do with anything.have some respect. who gives a fuck? let us live our lives.

Haily Leaves@haily_leaves

For everyone confused. Someone found his girlfriends instagram and found these are the things she posts. Someone remade the account and reposted them after she deactivated.

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Kanye West Interviewed Shayne Oliver For Relaunch Of Hood By Air

 Cindy Ord/Getty Images

Hood By Air is on its way back to the fold.

Kanye West has always had an affinity for streetwear and fashion and that was on full display when he sat down with Shayne Oliver for Interview MagazineOliver is the man behind Hood By Air, a brand that was actually shut down in 2017. Since then, Oliver has worked for brands like Helmut Lang and Colmar but according to this brand new interview, Hood By Air is actually coming back. When asked by Ye about how the brand got off its feet, Oliver explained how the brand never had any official backing.

“The marvel of HBA is that we never really had a backer backer. We always did it on our own … It was an insane ride and we felt like we wanted to elevate to the next level. Then we began a partnership with New Guards Group in Italy, and that was only a temporary situation. After [Fall 2016], we kinda had to come back to be on our own. That was when the question came up: “Why am I doing this?””

Kanye also complemented Oliver by saying that he feels as though Hood By Air helped to elevate streetwear. Oliver was pretty modest when hit with the praise as he explained that streetwear is something that anybody can be a part of no matter what walk of life.

“I think that opens streetwear up to a larger market of people, because the culture it comes from is very insular. It’s weird because they say that about fashion people, but it’s the same thing within the streetwear world, you know what I mean? When I see streetwear, I see silhouettes. Some people tend to be more intuitive about it, like the people that I grew up with from inner-city backgrounds, but in the larger discussion about luxury, streetwear is already in the merchandising plan.”

If you’re interested, you can read the entire interview right here.

LeBron James Shares Preview Of 2 Chainz’ “Rap Or Go To The League”

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LeBron previews 2 Chainz’ new album ahead of tomorrow’s release.

2 Chainz fifth studio album, “Rap Or Go To The League,” will officially hit streaming services this Friday, March 1, but LeBron James has already given his 47.3 million instagram followers an early taste of what’s in store.As we know, LeBron James A&R’d “Rap Or Go To The League” and the Lakers star has been in the studio with 2 Chainz, while simultaneously trying to lead the Lakers on a playoff push.Check out the clip below, and head over to LeBron’s IG story for more.

Embedded video

Bleacher Report NBA


Bron giving us a preview of 2Chainz’s ‘Rap or Go to the League’ 👀

(via @KingJames)

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The Lake Show picked up a crucial win over the New Orleans Pelicans on Thursday night at Staples Center, behind ‘Bron’s 33 points, 10 assists and six rebounds. Los Angeles is currently sitting in 10th place in the Western Conference at 30-31, which is three games behind the eighth seeded Los Angeles Clippers.

Up next for the Lakers is a Friday night home game against the Eastern Conference-leading Milwaukee Bucks. That game, airing on ESPN, is slated to tip-off at 10:30pm ET.

Rich The Kid Announces “The World Is Yours 2” Release Date

 Lars Niki/Getty Images

Rich The Kid’s new album arrives next month.

Rich The Kid‘s been plotting on the release of his follow-up to The World Is Yoursfor a minute. In January, the rapper revealed the 80s inspired artwork for the project but didn’t share a release date. As he dropped off his single, “4 Phones” earlier today, Rich The Kid also announced the project’s release date.

Cindy Ord/Getty Images

Rich The Kid’s new project The World Is Yours 2 is set to arrive on March 22nd, 2019. The rapper made the announcement via Spotify Canvas, which, as Complexpointed out, makes him the first mainstream rapper to make use of the Spotify tool. The release date for The World Is Yours 2 comes a few days short of the one year anniversary of his major label debut, The World Is Yours.

Rich The Kid kicked off the campaign for his new album in December when he released the song, “Splashin” which is presumably the first single off of the project. Over the course of 2018 following the release of The World Is Yours, the rapper released a ton of one-off singles such as “Leave Me” and “Nasty.”

Earlier this year, the tracklist to the project was posted to Migos Twitter before being quickly taken down. The tracklist featured the newly-released, “4 Phones” as well as “Splashin.”

Keep your eyes peeled for Rich The Kid’s The World Is Yours 2 dropping next month.

Travis Scott Reportedly Staying Clear From Jordyn Woods Drama

 Theo Wargo/Getty Images

Travis Scott is living the tour life until the smoke clears.

Travis Scott has another reason to be grateful for the success of Astroworld and it’s not because of any Billboard accomplishment or accolade. According to TMZ, the rapper’s tour is keeping him as far away as possible from the Kardashian-Jenner household amid the Jordyn Woods scandal. The rapper touches down in Buffalo tonight, keeping him miles and miles away from the Calabasas controversy.

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images 

Apparently, the family has “declared war” on Tristan Thompson for hooking up with Jordyn while they’ve urged Kylie to cut ties with her best friend. She’s agreed but everyone thinks she’s truly indecisive of her decision because of her tightknit relationship with Jordyn.

While Travis Scott might be appreciating the tour life now more than ever, he has been trying to hold does his lady throughout it all and lending her an ear whenever she needs someone to listen. However, he doesn’t really have any sides to choose from so ultimately, he’s going along with whatever Kylie’s decision is.

While he’s been distancing himself from the Kardashians in California, he was recently honored with the key to the city of Houston, Texas earlier this month. The mayor of the city presented the key to Scott on stage and revealed that they’ll be building a new amusement park due to the enthusiasm he brought with Astroworld.

“We owe so much to this guy for keeping Houston on the map,” the Mayor said about Travis. “With ‘Astroworld,’ man, and those of us that remember Astroworld, and because of him, we’re gonna bring another amusement theme park back to the city. This city loves you.”

Co-Founder Kareem “Biggs” Burke Is Planning “Roc-A-Fella” Biopic

 Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images

Biggs wants to tell the story of Roc-A-Fella’s three founding fathers.

Weeks ago, it was reported that Roc-A-Fella co-founder Kareem “Biggs” Burke was back in the game, with the unveiling of a management company, his first client: cult favorite SAINt JHN. But he’s since spoken with Revolt TV for an interview where he deconstructed his plans to produce a biopic for the record label he helped bring to life in the 90s.

“Yeah, I’m working on it now,” Biggs told Revolt TV. “It’ll probably be separate stories of Jay, Damon [Dash] and myself. Showing us as kids to understand what we’ve went through — the pain and hardships.”

As he opined himself, Biggs has already laid out the storytelling framework, with three separate converging narratives, elucidating the come-up story of the three founding fathers of the ROC, himself included. In the Revolt interview, Biggs spoke about his struggles living in homeless shelters before the hitting pay dirt with the formidable three. He also hopes to gain a clearance that would allow him to retell Jay-Z’s early struggles of losing his father at the age of four and the similarly tragic circumstances that plagued a teenage Dame Dash. You can view the rest of the Revolt piece here.

Offset Gets Lost In The Sauce On “Hot Ones”

 Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images

Offset mentally prepares for “The Last Dab.”

Hot Ones comes through with another solid episode, this time tapping man of the hour and noted father of four, Offset. A self-professed fan of “mild,” and “mild” alone, Offset seems in good spirits at the onset of the spice gauntlet. Easily tackling questions on fashion, Freakazoid, and his jewelry, Offset continues his newfound habit of candor.Before long, Sean hits Offset with an interesting question about the Migosrapper’s habit of studying music industry analytics. “The numbers match up to what you are,” explains Offset. “Your worth go by your numbers. The lower the numbers, the lower your worth. That’s just how it is. As an artist, you can get lost in your mind thinking you somewhere else, like ‘I’m this good, I’m big.’ In actuality, your numbers might not match.” When Sean asks about any surefire way to craft a rap fit, Offset keeps it simple. “The Migos flow,” he states. “At one point in your career as an artist, you’re going to use that flow.”

Charley Gallay/Getty Images 

Offset also reveals that Ric Flair personally called him, informing him that “Ric Flair Drip” was to be the official anthem of the Flair wedding. “I’m like he seriously finna walk his marriage listening to a rap song, usually it’s like a love song. When I seen his walk, he was lit, he was happy. He told me it was one of the best things to ever happen to him. He was going through a little health issue, he was like, it just gave him more drive. It was inspirational. Ric Flair was the first one with these rolexes and these jets.”

He also opens up about revealing some of the nontraditional elements of a trapper’s life, including the more vulnerable moments. “It’s okay to show a vulnerable side as a man. It’s really a great thing to do as a man, cause most men run from it,” says Offset. “I feel like you a stronger man by doing it. Instead of holding back, you just holding back your feelings, and that’s not true. We all got feelings, I don’t care how tough you supposed to be.”

For more from Offset, including a hard-fought “Last Dab,” check out the full episode of Hot Ones below.

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