Future is one of Atlanta’s icons, creating his own sound and inspiring a generation of younger artists to strive. In his personal life, he’s been accused of doing some pretty shameful things though. If you’re unaware of the origins of “I’m good luv, enjoy,” that was a text message that Fewtch sent to a woman who offered to have a friendly hang-out with him after turning down his sexual advances. He allegedly flew her out to his city, refusing to pay her return flight because of what happened. While that drama died down and baby mama charts were no longer being discussed on Wendy Williams’ show, a new controversy has just come up regarding the “Crushed Up” rapper.

Future is being accused of not allowing a plus-sized woman to enter the club he was performing at this week. Nao, a model, took to her Instagram story to speak about what happened, saying that the rapper allegedly told promoters: “No fatties in the club.” Nao explained that while he’s allowed to make those decisions, it’s still puzzling why he would choose not to let her, and other plus-size women in. “The discrimination is insane to me,” said the model on her IG story.

Future has not commented on the accusations yet. Social media has been siding with Nao so far but at this point, we haven’t even heard both sides of the story.

Video via Instagram