Birdman, the self-appointed “king of hip-hop,” has amassed business connections throughout his tenure the game. While his public falling out with Lil Wayne left many fans feeling some type of way, an unwavering reality remains. Birdman has played an integral role in launching the careers of Juvenile, Lil Wayne, Drake, Nicki Minaj, BG, Turk, and many more. His ties and connections with hip-hop’s key players all but cement his position in the hall of fame, like it or not. A recent Forbes profile on Birdman and Slim Williams’ Cash Money label has gone in depth on the label’s history, highlighting a few interesting tidbits in the process.

Doug Benc/Getty Images

Interestingly enough, Birdman and Slim deny all accusations of unpaid royalties, which have stemmed from Mannie FreshTyga, and Lil Wayne among others. “Contracts haven’t been done, producer agreements haven’t been done, samples haven’t been cleared,” explains Cash Money’s lawyer slash business manager Vernon Brown. “Ninety percent of the time, it’s not that we owe them money. It’s that other people worked to get paid that they didn’t know had to get paid.”  The feature points to Drake, who essentially broke as a member of the Cash Money family. On that note, Birdman and his partner claim to be “forever in business” with Drizzy, an ominously worded, yet lucrative statement.

Of course, Birdman and Slim have their fingers in plenty a Cash Money pie, especially when it comes to the back catalog of their Young Money roster. Because of this, the label is still pulling in millions upon millions in annual royalties. Even hip-hop industry vet Wendy Day, who has not always had favorable experiences working with Cash Money, speaks highly of their status as a legacy act. “Rappers still clamor to sign to Cash Money, regardless of their business reputation and regardless of the fallout with many of the original artists,” she explains. “Would I ever do business with them again? Hell no. But their history and impact can’t be denied. They’re brilliant.”

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