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Prime Location, Vol. 1Smoke DZA

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Smoke DZA is back with his 2nd EP in a month’s time.

Smoke DZA is back in the mix with another EP-sized gift to his fans. Prime Location, Vol. 1 comes to us with the East Coast watermark synonymous with his jive-talking style – which in turn invokes feelings of “Black Nostaljack” to quote the iconic Camp Lo record. 

Just as the vocal sample on “Harsh Reality” kicks into high gear, an unnamed narrator takes to the podium, preaching the powers of the pelvic floor, I kid you not. “Legend Has It,” the second of three songs on the EP, transitions from a Pimper’s paradise scenario to a less glamorous poke-hole, demonstrating Smoke DZA’s award-winning stovetop technique. “Luck of Draw” closes things off in a less impeachable position. 

Prime Location, Vol. 1 is produced in its entirety by CThaSound with contributions from Benny the Butcher and Wallo. Give’er a listen, and do share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Prime Location, Vol. 1

1. Harsh Reality ft. Wallo
2. Legend Has It
3. Luck of Draw ft. Benny the Butcher

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