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R. Kelly Survivor Claims Details From New Sex Tapes Sound “Very Familiar”

R&B singer R. Kelly (R) and his attorney Steve Greenberg leave Cook County jail after Kelly posted $100 thousand bond on February 25, 2019 in Chicago, Illinois. Kelly was being held after turning himself in to face ten counts of aggravated sexual abuse.

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Lisa VanAllen reacts to the new R. Kelly sex tapes that emerged.

R. Kelly is looking at some serious time if he’s convicted for the sex crimes he’s been accused of. Over the past week or so, there’s been more evidence that came out that seems to prove Kelly’s guilt. One of his alleged survivors, Lisa VanAllen, spoke to TMZ and revealed that the details that have emerged about the new sex tapes sound all too familiar.

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The details that Avenatti brought forth revealed that Kelly allegedly coached the teens he was having sex with during intercourse, choking her and calling her out by name. 

“What [Michael Avenatti] stated thus far and what I know, it’s very familiar to me, what he’s talking about. I feel like they have a strong case,” she said. 

VanAllen was one of the two young women who were in the original R. Kelly sex tape that resulted in the 2008 trial that he was acquitted in. She also backed up Avenatti’s claims that Kelly and his team had intimidated witnesses during the 2008 trial.

“There was a lot of intimidation,” she said. “I think he was acquitted — not because he was innocent because they clearly said that was him on the tape — but they also said that they were unable to prove beyond reasonable doubt that that was a 14-year-old.”

VanAllen is currently readying the release of her new book, Surviving The Pied Piper which details her time with Kelly including a run-in with Foxy Brown.

Peep the clip below. 

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