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Did Drake Quietly Launch A New Label Called Frozen Moments LLC?

Drake accepts the Best Rap Song award for 'God's Plan' onstage during the 61st Annual GRAMMY Awards at Staples Center on February 10, 2019 in Los Angeles, California.

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Is this the rollout to Drake’s new label?

Earlier today, Drake blessed us with some new music with his remix to Summer Walker’s “Girls Need Love.” However, the release of the song sparked speculation among fans that the Canadian sensation started a new record label. Fans noticed that the new song didn’t list Cash Money or Young Money on streaming services as the label. Interscope and LVRN are listed, the labels that Summer Walker is signed to, but there was an additional label called Frozen Moments which fans believe might be the rapper’s new label.

A user at KTT pulled out receipts that seem to indicate that Drake launched a new label called Frozen Moments LLC. The first piece of evidence comes from a quick Google search of Drake’s name and the label which indicates Frozen Moments was approved for publication on Feb. 13th, two days before So Far Gone hit streaming services. Frozen Moments LLC covers “Audio equipment, namely, personal stereos, speakers, speaker housings, amplifiers, stereo tuners, equalizers, sound crossovers, limiters and compressors for audio processing; Headphones; Earphones; Ear buds; Protective covers and cases for cell phones, computers and portable media players; Sunglasses,” according to the trademark site. 

Additionally, Drake previously mentioned Frozen Moments LLC in 2006, years before he became the Drake we know today. The rapper used the company when he was trying to shop his mixtape, Room For Improvement around before he had a deal. The label was described as a “sports and entertainment” group based out of Philadelphia. 

While Drake hasn’t confirmed the news yet, he did mention that he’s “Young Money my Alma Mater” on Instagram last night. It was mentioned in July that the rapper was currently a free agent and had a “new release” up his sleeve for when he signs his next deal. I guess it’ll be a while until we find out what Drake has up his sleeves. 

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