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Cardi B Fed Up With Fake Stories About Her: “It’s Not Going To Work Im To Blessed”


Cardi B

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Cardi B had to voice her displeasure about the fake stories being written about her.

Cardi B apparently has had enough of the fake stories written about her. On Wednesday night, the BRonx sensation decided to hop on IG and get a few things off her chest, explaining how people are trying to destroy her, but are unsuccessful.

“People be trying so hard to destroy me. Fake stories everyday. It’s not going to work Im to blessed,” she wrote on IG, while leaving a caption that she should start a blog to capitalize off the clickbait. “I SHOULD RUN A WHOLE BLOG AT THIS RATE THEY USING MY NAME FIR CLICKBAIT !” she added.

Its unclear what story specifically that drove Cardi to voice her displeasure this evening, but we can’t blame her. The Invasion of Privacy is one of, if not the most, polarizing people in all of entertainment, let alone music industry, and is constantly being dragged by various gossip sites.

Either way, Cardi ain’t with the fake stories and she had to let her voice be heard. Check out her IG post (below) and let us know what you think.

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