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Blueface Shares Credit For Bust Down Dance: “I Might Not Be The Biological Parent”


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Blueface the enigma uncovered, in the latest Fader cover story.

Blueface is gracing the cover for the upcoming issue of The Fader’s physical magazine, for an editorial story that aims to discover the undiscoverable. After all, Blueface remains an enigma even to his most ardent followers. Evidently, his earnest musings on social media have attracted a slew of bandwagon followers in the past 4 months. Even a self-propelled publication such as The Fader found itself on the outside looking in when it came to Blueface’s enigmatic appearance – perhaps for the very last time.

Blueface started the interview process by outlining the far-flung trajectory his career has taken, with the slightest veil of secrecy. “If I told you I had the blueprint, would you believe me?” he opined. “From the first song I made to the song, I recorded last week. When I started doing the music shit, it wasn’t like I was just winging it. Everything I did was calculated.” 

In other instances of the interview, Blueface demonstrates a willingness to share personal anecdotes, specifically the notion of single parenthood – an arrangement which only allows him to consecrate music time once his fatherly duties are completed. “I would be at home with my son, write lyrics, rap on the Gram, come up with ideas,” he admitted. “When he get tired of me, I get tired of him, I had time to come up with shit.”

The moments in which Blueface displays candor, are too numerous to count. He openly admits that he didn’t father the “Bust Down” dance in a biological sense, but did nonetheless credit himself with implementing it at the highest commercial level. The rest of the cover story follows the same pattern of diffusion; check it out here.

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