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21 Savage Looks To Overcome The ICE Agenda Through Philanthropy


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21 Savage’s attorney is working side-by-side with the rapper, to ensure his civic rights.

As reported moments ago21 Savage is hard at work, implementing new features to an existing “21 Savage Bank Account” platform which aims to provide young individuals with the resources they might need as they venture into harsh World of free market Capitalism. With a boost coming from his NGO partners Get Schooled and JUMA, 21 Savage is expanding his program to include an additional 150 beneficiaries, but that’s not all he’s been up to since being released from an inhumane detention center.

21 outlined his expansionary vision in the above clip, in claiming that “each month (he’d) release a new badge on,” consequently set up with plenty of advisable tips concerning making money, tackling credit, saving, and investing in stocks. Then you’ve got a lesson plan staggered over the course of a few months, in each of the aforementioned fields, starting with an introductory seminar entitled “Making Money.”

But before Savage can disclose the “21 Tips to Achieve Financial Literacy and Text Help,” contained in his war chest, the Zone Sixer is adamant about gaining permanent residency, according to his attorney Charles Kuck who was referenced in a recent New York Times’ editorial entitled “21 Savage’s Still-Bumpy Path to Freedom.”

While public record states that 21 Savage has indeed applied for cancellation of removal, as they call it, Kuck has steadfastly reminded his client of the “monstrous immigration consequences,” he has yet to rid himself of – the expanded “Bank Account” project incidentally bodes well for his civic record, insomuch as the Trump administration might be concerned, and perhaps overly-so when it comes to fiscal matters.

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