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Tyga Is Unbothered By Soulja Boy’s “Thotiana” Diss Track

Tyga attends the Def Jam Pre-Grammy 2019 party at Catch LA sponsored by Courvoisier, Puma, Klasse 14 and Tik Tok on February 08, 2019 in West Hollywood, California.

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Tyga’s living his best life while taking shots from Soulja Boy.

The feud between Tyga and Soulja Boy was unexpected, to say the least. The disgust in Soulja Boy’s voice when he said Tyga’s name has turned into what will likely be remembered as one of the best memes of this year. Last night, Soulja Boy released a diss track in response to Tyga’s “Thotiana” freestyle where he threw shots at Young Drako. Clearly, Tyga’s caught wind of it but he seems unbothered by it.

Tyga’s heard Soulja Boy’s “Thotiana” freestyle and he’s clearly unbothered. Tyga took to Instagram to respond to the diss track with a photo of himself posted in an infinity pool with the caption, “Hey Alexa…play Thotiana Tyga diss by Soulja boy .”

Tyga’s response comes a few hours after Soulja Boy began to fire shots at the “Floss In The Bank” rapper over getting kicked out of Floyd Mayweather’s party.

“Tyga?! This what happens when u lost in the sauce. my big brudda don’t even know who u is damn how u had bigger come back please explain?” He wrote alongside a clip of Floyd reacting to Tyga getting booted out of the party. “New diss song drops today u got kicked out the party Kuz u wasn’t invited fam. ur not the money team.”

With another diss track in the chamber, we’ll see if Tyga ends up responding on wax.

Who do you got in this beef? Soulja Boy or Tyga? Sound off in the comments. 

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