New allegations have landed upon Michael Jackson since the release of Leaving Neverland. His former maid, Adrian McManus, revealed details about the time she spent at his home in a recent interview with 60 Minutes Australia. Watch the mini-documentary below.

McManus says she was “terrified” of the man she calls “a manipulator.” She recalls being speechless when he asked her, “What you do you know?” According to her, the Neverland Ranch employees were “programmed” to obey him completely. They were also made to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

Kevin Kane/WireImage

She still testified against him in the 2005 trial that ultimately found the singer to be not guilty of all 14 charges related to the child molestation case.  McManus had omitted vital information during a deposition, a decision stemming from fear. She claims Jackson called her after the deposition, asking her to reveal what she had told legal authorities. Later, when they saw each other in person, he gifted her $300.

McManus describes how Jackson would interact inappropriately with his prepubescent guests, including McCauley Culkin, who denies being harmed by Michael Jackson in any way. The boys’ underwear were often left in the man’s dresser. “When I would go in the next day, there were little boys’ underwear either on the floor with Michael’s, or they were in the jacuzzi,” McManus alleges.