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Dan Bilzerian Dragged For Photoshopping Cardi B’s Butt


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Dan Bilzerian also edited the television and the woman in the corner.

When Dan Bilzerian posted a photo of himself and Cardi B a few weeks ago, nobody thought anything of it. The man hangs out with celebrities all the time, chilling on expensive yachts in destination countries. Literally, his entire Instagram feed is filled with photos of himself and barely-dressed women partying with bottles of alcohol, bikinis and beautiful water. When Cardi B posted her own version of the photo, fans didn’t have to look twice to notice the not-so-subtle changes that Bilzerian made to the original photo.

Fans are outraged after noticing that the socialite edited Cardi B’s body to appear slimmer, rounding out her behind as well. He also strangely photoshopped the television in the background to a completely unrelated image. On top of that, he made some changes to the model standing in the corner of the shot. As you would expect, Cardi’s fanbase was not impressed, rushing to Dan’s comments to make sure he’s aware that he messed up. 

The recent comments on Bilzerian’s post are almost exclusively all trashing him for trying to make Cardi appear slimmer in the photo. Bardi didn’t call him out, instead reflecting on how fun the party was. She’s leaving the rage for her fans to get out. 


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