Nicki Minaj is working hard while on tour but she still makes time for play. During a bus ride to Budapest, the emcee kept herself entertained with the help of her partner, the infamous Kenneth Petty. In a clip available below, the couple takes on a famous scene from the 2013 flick, “Captain Philips.” Petty got to play Tom Hank’s lead character while Minaj unleashed some heat as the head honcho Somali Pirate that highjacked Philips’ ship with his gun-toting crew.

Johnny Nunez/Getty Images

The lovers stay in character even after Minaj utters the movie’s famous lines. “Look at me,” she spits with gusto. “I’m the captain now.” Nicki admits there were some bloopers of the skit during which she was overcome by laughter. “I kept breaking character cracking up laughin,” she confesses in the caption. “How do ppl act in a movie with a person they like?” Viewers probably wouldn’t have guessed based on the final performance.

“If you don’t know what movie this is you can never EVER sit w|us.” she adds like a die-hard fan. “What intrigued me is that he saw it for the 1st time last night (yes I made him but he loved it)” She goes on to express pride in how she really “embodied the character in this scene.”