Yesterday, J. Cole dropped off some visuals for “Middle Child,” which has earned nearly five million views in fewer than twenty-four hours. Many were quick to praise the excellent cinematography and direction, which was handled by rapper & all-around creative Mez. Not long after dropping a pair of bangers in “MF+G” and “Sunny Side Up,” as well as lending his voice to the extensive “Revenge Of The Dreamers 3” sessions, Mez has decided to step behind the camera. Taking to Instagram, the rapper penned a lengthy message detailing the creative process behind “Middle Child.”

“I’m so thankful my big bruh @realcoleworld believed in me like this,” writes Mez. “He took a shot on me because he said my ideas were always next level and so was my taste. I’ve got a lot of love for him for that amongst many other things.” He continues, explaining his vision has centered on filmmaking for a minute, having penned a variety of treatments behind the scenes. “The first time I ever directed a video it ended up being for a billboard top 5 record. I’m Big blessed. Nobody knows I’ve been writing video treatments for years now. People also don’t know I’m still dealing with the business side of music right now.”

He ends with a message to his fans, explaining that his work is far from finished. “I’ve been working in the cut so as soon as opportunity presents itself, I’d be ready. And this is the 1st of many examples. I’m going to be present in music fashion and film,” he vows. “I remember a time when I wouldn’t say what I’m bout to do out of fear of fans or industry people doubting me like I can’t do it. Projecting they fears on me. Never again. The stars are aligning for ya boy.”

Respect to Mez for holding it down behind the camera. Big things to come.