R. Kelly is facing 10 counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse against four alleged victims. The case built against the singer is strong, according to attorney Michael Avenatti, who is currently representing six clients including  two alleged victims, two parents and two “whistleblowers.”Avenatti recently tweeted screenshots from the sex tape that led to R. Kelly’s arrest on Friday, February 22. The will not be included on this page due to their sensitive nature. After receiving criticism for having published the content, Avanetti defended his decision. “These are all of R. Kelly. No minor is depicted or shown,” he stated, shortly after sharing the screenshots.

Jason Merritt/Getty Images

“The tape was shot in the late ‘90s, approximately 1999, it depicts two separate scenes shot on two separate days within Mr. Kelly’s residence at the time,” Avenatti explained. “The audio on the tape, you can clearly listen to it — it is clear — the video is far superior to the video that was used in connection to the 2008 trial. It is an entirely different video.” In this new video, R. Kelly is believed to repeatedly “refer to the victim’s age as 14” over 10 separate times.

“I expect R Kelly to also face federal charges in the coming weeks/months. These charges will be distinct from the crimes for which he was charged yesterday and will result in a separate criminal proceeding,” Avanetti wrote earlier today. “Ultimately, R Kelly will rightly spend his remaining days in prison.”