No one loves Mariah Carey more than the Songbird Supreme herself. As a full-fledged diva who makes no apologies for setting herself as the center of the universe, Carey is far from shy about the impressive accolades and accomplishments she’s amassed in her nearly-thirty-year career. Boasting an impressive collection of 18 No. 1 singles on the Billboard 100, alongside an award shelf cluttered with 5 Grammy Awards, 10 American Music Awards and 14 Billboard Music Awards, there’s no denying that Carey is accustomed to a view from the top.

Simultaneously revered by her fans (affectionately referred to as her Lambs/Lambily) and criticized by the public for her outlandishly diva-like requests and behavior, Carey is a far cry away from the new wave of singer-songwriters looking to succeed in the industry. Fiercely defensive of her hard-won icon status, Carey doesn’t hesitate to look back in fondness at the combination of work ethic and raw talent that got her where she is today.

“When I got signed, you know, I was very young and I knew nothing about the music business at all, except that I wanted to be a part of it,” Carey dished to Billboard. “But there was a moment where I was able to say: ‘If I do this, I don’t wanna be forced into doing other people’s material. So could you please incorporate that into your fabulous contract, and we can take it from there.”

Fighting her way through a Blockbuster flop, a long-standing mental health struggle, and the continued stress of living in the public eye, it’s clear that Carey isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. In honor of her reign, check out some of her best looks of the past and present.


Reminding her fans that she does know how to pull of a look that isn’t full-glam, Carey shared this throwback punk photo from a GQ photoshoot.


There’s no question about what Carey’s favorite album from her own discography is.


Once pitted against one another as rivals, Carey has nothing but great things to say about her late friend, Whitney Houston.


All hail the queens of the ’90s.


“90’s vibes,” captioned Mariah alongside this throwback photo from the early days of her illustrious career.


In her prime, Carey rocked a bikini with ease. She still does, for that matter.


In this candid pic, Carey offers her millions of followers a rare glimpse of her natural beauty, free from the work of her ever-present glam squad.


There may be countless rumors about Carey’s diva behavior, but the songstress’ ability to hit the whistle register is a bonafide fact.


All Mariah Carey wants for Christmas is for everyone to remember that her evergreen holiday hit is still the top modern anthem.