Fyre Festival’s aches engulfed Ja Rule and the rapper only recently rose from the media storm caused by the failed event. Somehow, he managed to make headlines again thanks to yet another disaster. The entertainer was tapped to perform during the halftime show of Milwaukee Bucks game. The crowd members were immune to his enthusiastic attempts to hype them up. One of the players even took Ja Rule’s allotted time as the perfect opportunity to practice his shots. Social media clowning ensued and 50 Cent hopped, as expected.The “Many Men” artist shared a snippet of Ja’s performance to further the embarrassment. While the clip, which shows the artist’s defeat, was enough to cause humiliation in itself, 50 upped the ante in his caption. He took credit for the audience’s reaction. “Why they do that to him,” he asked, before remembering his role as trolling gamemaster. “Oh yeah, I told them to do that.”

Of course, his Instagram post would not be complete without mentioning the “dirty cop” he’s been slamming for the past few days. “LMAO Emanuel Gonzalez would say shoot him on sight,” his caption concluded.

Ja Rule did some social media damage of his own, literally cursing the Timberwolves team after they mocked him on Twitter.