In the onslaught of music that arrived this weekend, Eminem issued a re-release of his Slim Shady LP, introducing the album to streaming services for the firs time in its 20-year history.

Naturally, it was a momentous occasion for Em and his team, notably Shady Records co-founder Paul Rosenberg. As the newly minted expanded edition was announced, Rosenberg took the time to reflect on the effect of Slim Shady on his and Eminem’s career in a brief post on Instagram.

“There’s not a single project that has changed my life and career trajectory more than this one right here,” Rosenberg wrote “Talk about storming out of the gate- my goodness. So thankful to know and work for such a loyal genius in @eminem- the first 20 years have been an insane run. Here’s to the next 20 and beyond! Oh, and Slim Shady, happy birthday young man but you can go F yourself.”

In 1999, Eminem and Rosenberg came together to create Shady Records shortly after the arrival of The Slim Shady LP. Since then, Rosenberg has gone on to be a force in the background as it relates to the music industry. With the new expanded edition, fans are treated to a further look at Em and Rosenberg’s legacy with 10 additional tracks being added to the 20-song track list