Rockabye Baby! decided to cover some of Drake‘s most popular tracks for their latest drop. The collective released the instrumental remakes as a full-length album called Lullaby Renditions of Drake. They offer soothing sounds accross 12 tracks, including the Grammy Award-winning hit, “God’s Plan.” Lullaby Renditions of Drake spins a somnolent web past scorpion SZN, adding songs like “Find Your Love” and “Hotline Bling” to its collection.The instrumentals are produced without the usual stylings of Drake’s music. OVO 40’s signature low-frequencies and underwater 808’s are nowhere to be found on the LP. The focus is placed on the musicality and harmony of the compositions, leaving behind rhythms powered by heavy-hitting drum machines. Some shakers and the like still make a few appearances but listeners probably won’t break their necks to the tracks. They may, instead, find solace in the softened sadboy tracks and perhaps dive into a deep sleep as the xylophone-heavy renditions usher them to dreamland.

Rockabye Baby! have offered similar projects based on the works of other artists. Music amateurs have been blessed with Lullaby Renditions of Kanye West in 2010. Rockabye also took on the catalogs of Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga, The Rolling Stones and more.

Listen to the Lullaby Renditions of Drake album below.