Nicki Minaj has a bevy of alter-egos that she often unleashes on the world, and in her “Parallel to None” clip, she’s letting everyone know that they’re all forces to be reckoned with. The 60-second clip features a fairytale theme with Minaj as the star, playing both roles of a pink princess with Rapunzel-like hair and a fierce, albeit scantily clad, warrior in shining armor. By being both roles, Minaj shows that she is not only a versatile artist, but she’s her own hero.

“Extracurricular, parallel to none I am perpendicular,” Minaj raps in the opening of the clip before she goes on to boast of her top status in the rap game. The video is expected to be one of many promos for the “Nicki WRLD Tour” that kicked off on February 21 in Munich, Germany. The international tour is set to run until April 4 where it ends in Bangkok, Thailand. Opening acts will include Juice Wrld, Zuna & Azet, Smolasty, Miami Yacine, and Lil Xan, depending on the date.

Minaj has been busy lately both inside and outside of the studio. Soulja Boy revealed that she’ll be featured on his forthcoming album and fans have been speculating whether or not the rapper is ready for motherhood after Minaj teased a video of her boyfriend rubbing her belly.