Neo-soul artist Jhene Aiko is always inspiring her fans to be their authentic selves, often sharing the struggles of her personal journey in artistic and relatable ways. The Trip singer recently shared a moving excerpt from her 2017 poetry book 2Fish, an intimate collection of writings that completed her MAP (movie, album, poem book) trilogy. It was then that fans were introduced to Penny, Jhene’s nickname given to her by her grandfather, a version of herself that she calls “my purest, most authentic form.”

Jhene uploaded a headshot photo of herself with the caption:

“in the middle of somewhere
on the edge of rejection
i took my self back
and i started accepting
that life is just moment
to moment
to moment
there’s no use in dwelling
you can not control it
or hold it
or pause it
or call it
your own
there’s no destination
you’re already home”

Excerpt From
Jhené Aiko Efuru Chilombo

Jhene previously told Billboard that as a poet, she likes to keep things simple.”I think that there is depth in simplicity. I feel like there’s genius in simplicity. I don’t try to use words you don’t understand. At the same time, it’s very personal and very much so comes from my heart. It’s really my thoughts on paper.”