Nipsey Hussle falling in G-Love with Lauren London is undeniably a feel-good moment for “the culture.” Ignore everything you think you know about Nispey for just a moment because he and London didn’t link up as result of the Crenshaw rapper pulling all the stops at a stoplight, his windows peeled. Nope, it was far less glamorous than we’d all like to believe.

London and Hussle both shared accounts of how they meet, with both parties agreeing on all card – likely because they were together when the interview went down. Apparently, London and Nipsey were connected through a mutual friend via DM. In fact, it was London who received the first notice from this roving 3rd party. “Our stories are very different, I did not slide into his DMs. My homeboy did…” she openly stated in the GQ interview.

But as Nipsey Hussle would have it, Lauren’s sequence begins a little later in the timeline. For Nipsey, the seeds were planted when he noticed Lauren London’s name among the hundreds of patrons who bought the scarce Crenshaw LP. As the story goes, Jay-Z wound up buying the first 100 copies put into production, with other 900 flying off “shelves” shortly thereafter. Upon discovering London’s name in the sales’ records, Hussle promptly found out the actress had begun tracking his movements on social media, so naturally, he followed suit. Who would have thought an unorthodox sales pitch would prove this persuasive on an interpersonal level.