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Black Thought & Midnight Hour Put In Work On “Noir”


Black Thought continues to deliver stunning authorship.

Black Thought has been on somewhat of a prolific run, coming off the release of two Streams Of Thought EPs. Now, the Roots lyricist has returned with a new track called “Noir,” penned in honor of Black History Month. As producer Adrian Younge tells it, Thought was commissioned to hold it down for Amazon Originals “Produced By” series, and came through with ” a very cultivated description on being black in America.” Taking to a jazz breakbeat and off-kilter pianos, Thought attacks the instrumental with a lyrically dense and detailed tale.”He went from cradle to grave, he’s been a king of the slaves,” raps Thought. “The menagerie of America, he was made in it, instead of waiting for Superman, his people had a plan.” As Thought’s story progresses, new layers line the instrumental, complementary in their cinematic scope. Should you enjoy this, rest assured there may be more where that came from. Younge also teased the possibility of a collaborative album between Black Thought and The Midnight Hour, imploring fans to “Let us know if we need to get to work.”Quotable LyricsBecause he embraced the weapon
That aimed at the same prize
His eyes were kept on
Surviving on soup kitchens, bread lines
And newspaper clippings
When he was in the headlines

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